The First Brick

Today marks my first training ‘brick’ as I begin this journey in multisport.

brick2For those that are not familiar with it – a brick is a workout mash up – usually biking then immediately running – to get the triathlete prepared and trained for the switching of activities (ie swim, bike, run).

For more information on the workout – USA Triathlon has a great article explaining it.

I had originally attempted this training last week (a 13mi ride and a 4 mi run) to see what it was like, but unfortunately ran into wet snow while on the far end of the bike ride and had to abandon the run. (Note: I actually booked it back home to warm up my feet and fingers, as like a fool, I underestimated the wind chill effect while riding a bike – was seriously freaking out the last few miles back… Should have noticed that I was the only one out on the trail on a bike… dumb)

The 13mi on a bike was no big deal – even maintaining a relatively fast pace (for me that is) – yet the run is what got me.

After being on the bike for little under an hour (in ~30 degree F weather), your feet become a little numb… but when you take that first step on the pavement – wow… that is where the word ‘Brick’ comes into play. For the first mile or so this is how it went… feeling as if your legs were concrete bricks, slamming into the cold ground.

After that first mile, everything started to feel a bit more normal and by the 4th mile, I felt as if I could keep going for a few more.

Hopefully with training, this brick feeling will go away.

The hardest part is the time commitment. I’m not sure that I have a few hours every day to dedicate to this… Am going to have to get better at planning if I am to do this ‘Tri’ thing