What is Bluemix?

A number of months ago, IBM released their Bluemix platform into the cloud. Since then we have been aggressively adding services to Bluemix, now hitting a level of critical mass where the promise of composable services comes together. I like to refer to Bluemix as a ‘Playground for Developers’.

Ok – so what does this really mean?

LegoIBM has set up a portion of the IBM Cloud Marketplace for software developers (mainly web and mobile) to pick and choose services for building programs and applications. Think of these services as Lego blocks and Bluemix as the big plastic tub that you are pulling them out of. It’s up to you to choose the size, shape and color of the Lego block – and put them together in anyway that you see fit – to build a new piece of software that will be able to run in the cloud. If you are not sure where to even begin – we offer Lego-like instructions to build applications with the pieces already picked out for you.

Pretty cool, right?

Bluemix data servicesYou need a place to store data? – well, you need a database – we have ‘em – at least 5 different kinds from IBM – as well as open source and other third party ones…


You want embedded reporting?… predictive analytics? …Internet of Things?…even tap into the Watson portfolio to leverage the intellectual capital?

Yep – it’s all in there.

Mobile App Bluemix BlueprintBut I have not told you the best part of all of this. It is free for a limited time. Your first 30 days are free to use and play with anything in the Bluemix site – and then after 30 days some limits and costs pop up (specific to the services that you are using) – Yet some of the services like dashDB and Cloudant are free forever, as long as you keep your usage under a certain threshold.

Look, I’m not going to sell you on this any more – but if you are a current developer, you owe it to yourself to check Bluemix out.

If you are a total newbie and want to log in and get your hands dirty – I’ve published a # of tutorials around Bluemix on developerWorks – This first one (very basic, very simple) gets you registered in Bluemix and starts up an instance of Hadoop, through our Analytics for Hadoop service.

Analytics for Hadoop Tutorial 1

Good luck and have fun!