Two down and two to go…

Two down and two to go for this guy – My presentations for Business Connect and Solutions Connect 2014 Sydney are complete and the conference is coming to a close. Have to say it was a fantastic event planned and executed from my IBM Australia friends.

Being based in the US with a worldwide responsibility – it is always eye-opening (and refreshing) to speak with customers on their local challenges. Most of my focus at this event rallied around painting a better picture (and decision system) around the customer experience – Ensuring that you are not only leveraging ALL relevant data for your analytical decisions (and yes, even social media) – but also ensuring that the data is mastered, cleansed and governed – offering your customers a pleasurable, personalized experience.

Garbage in, garbage out… so many people forget this point. It’s disheartening to hear those stories where clients approach a ‘good enough’ analytical approach without the properly cleansed data set.

I’m looking forward to next week’s events in Perth – and furthering the discussion around infusing analytics into every business decision… and ensuring that the underlying data is good as well.

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