IBM Impact 2014 and Big Data

Impact 2014Headed to the IBM Impact conference in a few days and well, as a ‘beat reporting’ attendee I’m feeling pretty darn guilty that my personal blog has entered into a semi-dormant state of affairs. This will change. I’ll be on the ground and at the event helping to evangelize and communicate all things ‘Big Data & Analytics’ but more importantly – Ways to get your hands on the software…Where to learn how to use it and what type of trials or demos are available (or soon to be).

Enterprise software has always been a little ‘hard to the touch’ – yet we are working at making it a more enjoyable experience to learn, use and build with the latest enterprise technologies.

If you are interested in learning more about IBM’s developer tools and you have not signed up for the BlueMix beta – you are doing yourself a disservice. The latest technologies and tools are now in the IBM Cloud to be leveraged (elastically of course) as you see fit – and on demand!

For those at the conference, drop by our booth to say ‘Hi’ and get the latest scoop on ‘Watson Foundations’ ….and I’ll direct you to some of the latest labs and hands-on-demos to get you (and your organization) up and running with Big Data & Analytics.

A quick primer on Watson Foundations from our own John Hagerty

By change you are not making the trip to Las Vegas, tune in to the IBM Big Data Hub or my Twitter handle at weberlarry – as I’ll be posting and tweeting the latest news and announcements as they occur from the expo.

Hope to see ya there!


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