Greetings from our friends in China

Received a great note today from our business associates in China. In last year’s Corporate Service Corps (IBM CSC) assignment in Nanning China, one of the projects that I was lucky to work on was with the company Nanning Sheng Peng Distilled Spirit Co., Ltd.

In this specific engagement, we worked with Sheng Peng to analyze the spirit (liquor) market and the potential threats to the Chinese market – both internal and external. Through this experience we became very close as a team and with General Manager Huang, as we traveled across southern China in a minivan visiting with distributors and regional sales reps of the Sheng Shi Guo Bao brand (Yeah – pretty nuts). This was such an unique and awesome experience to work with a Chinese company building their brand within China, and preparing for new market entrants from afar…. pretty much marketing nirvana.

Leslie (our CSC liaison from within China) sent us a note regarding a recent meeting with the Sheng Peng Team. The note from Leslie read:

Dear Team,
How is every one doing? Hope all is well.
Last Monday March 25, Frank and I met with Mr. Huang, GM of Nanning Sheng Peng Distilled Spirit Co., Ltd in Chengdu. He asked us to pass his sincere regards to all of you.
Mr. Huang with his team came to Chengdu, participating the biggest and well-known Commercial Fair that exhibits the Spirit and Beverage Industry and related all over of China. We went to a Sichuan restaurant and spent a good time together. So here is attached photo for sharing.
Best regards,

Sheng Peng


It is crazy to think that it has already almost been a year since I was on this assignment in Nanning. Feels like just yesterday…

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